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KSP-HH0004 - Ksport Dual Cylinder Hydraulic Hand Brake
/ E-Brake w/ Dual 3/4" Reservoirs

Install Kit - Incl. (2) 24'' Stainless Steel Lines
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The Ksport high quality, Dual Cylinder Hydraulic Hand Brake is a necessity for any drift or rally vehicle. The hydraulic handbrake connects inline to the rear calipers and requires much less force to completely lock both rear wheels. The 380mm long handle provides the driver with quick, easy and precise control. The hand brake uses twin 3/4'' reservoirs.

Drifting and rally driving requires extensive use of the hand brake, and eliminates the weaknesses in standard cable type hand brakes. This hydraulic hand brake requires a lot less force to lock the rear brakes when desired.

·        Brand new in factory box with all hardware and instructions.

·        Long 380mm vertical handle is much easier to use when positioned almost at the same plane as the steering wheel.

·        Dual cylinder design for use in vehicles with two separate lines coming from each rear caliper for more consistent and even pressure.

·        Ksport Install Kit not included.  Install kit consists of two 24'' stainless steel braided lines and fittings.  Order two install kits for this dual cylinder hand brake.

·        For off-road/racing purposes.  Not intended for street use.

·        1 Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty.

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